Wide Ruins Navajo Rugs

Wide Ruins Navajo RugsWide Ruins became visible as a regional style during the Revival Period 1920-1940. Weavers in the Wide Ruins area make use of banded, unbordered designs reminiscent of Navajo Indian blankets; and colors were derived from all-vegetal dyes. The designs emphasize a range of soft pastel hues, but rather than the customary pale golds, greens and tans; the Wide Ruins weaver uses exquisite pinks, yellows, beiges, lilacs, blues, deep corals, rich grays, olive greens, and multiple shades of tans and browns. A wavy line pattern is sometimes evident, as are rows of arrows, and squash blossoms, a modernized version of the old Navajo Indian blankets serrated diamond pattern. Wide Ruins Navajo Indian rugs have a greater number of narrower bands and are typically more intricate in appearance than the Crystal Navajo Indian weavings.