Authentic Navajo rug, Two Grey Hills, weaver Elsie Curley, 45.5″ x 32″, $1519

Two Grey Hills Navajo RugsThis handwoven Two Grey Hills Navajo rug is from our personal collection, was purchased at Teec Nos Pos Trading Post, Teec Nos Pos AZ in the early 1980s, and includes the Teec Nos Pos Navajo rug Certificate of Genuineness. The weaver is Elsie Curley. Most contemporary weavers do not steadfastly adhere to the Navajo regional rug style native to their region, hence Two Grey Hills style weavings exist in the Teec Nos Pos region. Some weavers, regardless of their reservation home, may prefer one rug art design while residing in a different regional area. This rug stayed in safekeeping rolled until recently, and includes a functional but easily removable strip of cedar backing along the 45.5 in border, since it is currently displayed as a wall hanging.

Two Grey Hills arose as a regional style center during the 1940’s. These Navajo Indian rugs are distinguished by the bordered central lozenge design, and use of primarily undyed wools in tan, gray, brown, white and deep black. Borders are often double or sometimes multiple, and the central lozenge and corner stepped designs of these Navajo Indian weavings can be quite elaborate geometric patterns. The central lozenge is the focal point of the design, and lesser geometric arrangements are balanced in corners and along borders.