Burntwater Navajo Rugs

Burntwater Navajo RugsThe Burntwater Navajo rug style was the last to be embraced in 1974. Burntwater Navajo Indian rugs are constructed primarily of vegetal dyed yarn; the richly decorated arrangements may include a plethora of shades in one rug, a pastel rainbow of color usage. Complex geometric design schemes resemble the Ganado or Two Grey Hills Navajo rugs configurations, featuring either a central diamond drawn out from end to end, or adjoining interlocking diamonds may fill most of the space. Remaining areas may consist of crosses, frets, triangles or zigzags, and intricate groupings are frequently outlined, imitating the artistic elegance of a Persian tapestry. The oriental style borders of these Native American rugs are wide and lavishly decorated with repeated geometrics, and sometimes includes inner borders, or additional bands as end panels.