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Raised Outline Navajo Rug

Raised Outline Navajo RugsWeavers of Raised Outline Navajo rugs employ an interesting weaving technique that results in a design with a three-dimensional appearance. A ridge of weave outlines the design elements, and therefore allows paler background yarns greater distinction, producing an elevated outline design, and characterizing Raised Outline Navajo rugs.

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Chief Blanket

Chief Blanket Navajo RugsThe contemporary Navajo Chief Blanket rug style continues due to any early nineteen hundreds revival in production of classic period Navajo blankets designs and colors. The traditional Navajo blankets colors are utilized: red, black, dark blue, white and gray, and the rug is typically unbordered. The Navajo Chief Blanket design theme is simple; and may include full or partial diamonds or stepped blocks, serrated zigzags and stripes or bands, and an occasional cross or whirling log.

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Bird Navajo Rugs

Bird Navajo RugsThe Bird rug is a well-known traditional pictorial rug design. This is a popular theme of pictorial Navajo rugs, with a pale background, depicting a green cornstalk bearing birds.

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Pictorial Navajo Rugs

Pictorial Navajo RugsPictorial Navajo blankets and rugs stem from late nineteenth century attempts by Navajo weavers to record the images they saw in the world around them, and the pictorial weaver often records what she sees. These specialty Navajo weavings usually have a light colored background with a wide variety of colors used in the depiction. Early pictorials contain such expected imagery as cowboys, horses, wagons, mountains, hogans, and pastoral scenes. Today’s rugs often include pickup trucks, trains, houses, helicopters and airplanes; illustrations of all the objects you would see driving through the reservation.

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Sandpainting Navajo Rugs

Sandpainting Navajo RugsSandpainting rugs are unique Navajo weavings, taken from traditional Navajo sacred drypainting drawings, and because the design is often on the diagonal, are extremely difficult to weave. These Navajo rugs are usually square in shape, unbordered, and backgrounds are typically tan with brighter, multiple colors composing the detailed designs. Figures and objects in the design are integral to the story, and imitating the drypainting, the Sandpainting illustration can be viewed from any of the four sides. Favorite themes in contemporary Navajo Sandpaintings are the Whirling Log, Shooting Chant, Water Creatures, and Earth Creatures.

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